August 23 2018

Just here for my once a year update i almost forgot my password. Lol. Uhhh Back to work now. done with summer.. time to make some money.. Hmmm… Next month tryna go back to winnipeg for Keith Urban… Sep19. my mom got 2 floor tickets before for $325 each. and now when i check the floor tickets are like $593 each now.. she got a good deal. lol. I bet shes gonna cry.. she loves that man :P anyways uhh idk what else to say. but have a good day

MAY 30 2017

Getting the hang of this thing here, its pretty fun. :P if you understand how to use it i guess.  having fun with those things on the side.. Haha.. anyway hmmm its pretty muddy outside.. and its going to be like this all week i believe. i gotta change my shoes.. dont want my timbs to get dirty! haha.. expensive those shoes. hagd

November 1 2016

Whoaa i almost forgot about my once a year update here.. haha.. Whats good? Had a good time yesterday with the kids.. It was so foggy too last night it kinda looked scary… lol! & it had to be halloween night. Nee. Well This should be enough… Update again in 2017. lol..peaaaaaace

March 31 2015

I ain’t believing shit tomorrow! better be ready for April Fools jokes people. justkidding. blaahh, Broomball tourny coming up soon. Been busy writing letters and trying to get the jerseys stuff on the go. Getting me stressed out lol jk. Captain duties this time of the year when its almost go time! My once a yr update. i’ll update again next year. haha..